Summer is Calling

Hometown Novel News Podcast – May 2023 Each month I have the high honor of interviewing literary movers and shakers, authors, editors, librarians, publishing agents, news writers, etc. who are bringing attention to Coweta County and the surrounding communities south of Atlanta. The Newnan Podcast Network hosts my monthly broadcasts of Hometown Novel News. This […]

The Last Laird of Sapelo, August 15, 2023

THE LAST LAIRD OF SAPELO T. M. BROWN The Last Laird of Sapelo is based on the tragic story of Randolph Spalding, the youngest son of Georgia’s most well-known antebellum-era coastal planter and influential political figure, Thomas Spalding. Following his father’s death in 1851, Randolph parlays his father’s fame and gifted landholdings on Sapelo Island, […]

The Last Laird of Sapelo Cover Reveal

After a long weekend and well over 200 votes cast in a neck and neck poll see which cover will adorn The Last Laird of Sapelo, Koehler Books. Scroll down to the Presentation or click the download link below to see and learn more about The Last Laird of Sapelo’s book cover.

The Last Laird of Sapelo Book Cover Poll

Follow the link and decide for yourself which book cover Koehler Books will use as The Last Laird of Sapelo moves into pre-order stage. Its release date is August 15th. So every vote is important and helps in the final decision. Check back for the cover reveal after the poll ends this weekend, and then […]

Shiloh Mystery Series 5th Anniversary Invite

Make a copy of the invitation and bring it with you! As a special THANK YOU! Your invitation is worth $5.00 off any of the Shiloh Mystery novels during the fifth Anniversary Celebration on April 28th, and only at Corner Arts Gallery, Newnan, GA. As a special treat, catch the cover reveal & sneak preview […]

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