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Sanctuary, A Legacy of Memories Reviews

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  1. Angie Dokos on Goodreads Mar 7, 2018
    Sanctuary (4-Star) by T.M. Brown

    I enjoyed this book. The plot was great, and everything tied together nicely. I felt it was a little too detailed at times. It wasn’t a fast-paced novel, but it held my interest.

  2. Book Review for Sanctuary
    Author T.M. Brown
    Genre: Mystery/Thriller
    Reviewer: Debra Morgan

    Theo and Liddy Phillips had decided to move to a small quiet town in Georgia. This was the place they chose to retire and live the quiet easy life that they were so looking forward to.

    The town was Shiloh Georgia, a small beautiful town with everything that a town had in a time when neighbors spoke to each other, people spoke on the street, kids were outside and people were proud of their homes large or small,mowed yards and leaves were done by home dwellers as a matter of pride. Even with it being set in this time in history the newspaper was still read and kids were still off the street when the small street lights came on. The trees were big and bold and almost guarded the town with their strength. This was the Shiloh that through the beautiful description of this town I formed in my mind as I was transported back in time.

    The townspeople were friendly and knew that Theo and Liddy were moving to their town, it was a big deal to have someone move in and they showed it in every business and on Sundays where they went to church, or just in general.
    Even with all of this, there was something that bothered Theo. At the very start of their time in Shiloh, he had seen a statue of a man and Theo just got a feeling that there was something there.

    As his past job began to come forward so did the reason he had to find this out and there is where the real story begins to reveal itself. Slowly and methodically.

    This is not a mystery that gives away the punch line at the beginning or even in the middle it is a mystery that involves a lot of characters and this is easy to separate because of the way the Author describes each person in a few words and you feel like you know them.

    It is a page-turner that works at a very reasonable pace you can read some and pick it up again and read more. Take a trip to Shiloh and you will not regret sanctuary and the mystery behind it.

    Rated 5 stars !

    Compensation was not given, and there were no expectations of a positive review.

  3. Mike, I bought your book Friday at the Art Walk. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I read it all weekend when I had time. It reminded me of Jan Caron’s Mitford series which I loved.

    I will be down to the Corner Art Store to buy your next one.

    Hope you can get it to a wider audience.

    Thanks for a great read,

    Cindy P.

  4. Just finished Sanctuary. Great read keep me interested can’t want to start Testament.

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funny and heart-warming journey with Theo and Liddy as they …
on April 10, 2017

‘Time crept while I stirred and tossed in futile attempts to capture any semblance of actual sleep. Capitulation arrived shortly after four when I poured a cup of coffee and sat down in the living room…Okay Lord, what are you trying to share with me?’ Theo Phillips, Main character Ch 20, pg. 169

When the author used the descriptor, ‘a couple of southern minutes’, I knew I was in for a treat as main characters Theo Phillips and his wife Liddy started retirement in their new hometown of Shiloh, Georgia.

The town residents began introducing themselves as soon as the Phillips arrived, inherently southern by nature, Christian in their beliefs and warm with human spirit. At first, I thought there were too many people appearing one after the other and lost track of who they all were. But as they became familiar, I realized there would be no point in delaying introductions as they were all part of the Phillips’ daily life in a small town. Only a writer with personal experience in a small town could define so many characters so intricately, and so Mike Brown has.

Shiloh experienced a set-back three years earlier with the burning of its Victorian courthouse and county seat, as well as the loss of their beloved football coach and mentor of their children, Jessie Masterson. As Theo and Liddy settle in, they become aware that the fire left a blot upon the town’s spirit and affected many people including the mayor’s family.

Using his writing talents as a retired newspaper man, Theo begins to research Jessie’s story for the Shiloh Sentinel. As he progresses, he becomes aware of a connected story that may have resulted in the incarceration of an innocent man.

The tale gathers momentum as more citizens come forward with their secret truths, the weight of which has prevented them from moving ahead in life. Theo and Liddy realize they’ve been sent on a divine mission and with God’s guidance, they make themselves available where needed.

Thank-you for this inspiring, funny and heart-warming journey with Theo and Liddy as they accept the challenge presented them and become part of the town of Shiloh.

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