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Testament, An Unexpected Return Reviews

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  1. Book Review for Testament
    Author: T.M. Brown
    Reviewer: Deb Morgan

    Testament is the sequel to Sanctuary. This shows Shiloh in the time after shocking revelations in this small town had been proved. Theo had written his book on Jessie and Priestly Park was having opening ceremonies, a great new place for the small community. A few families had been affected permanently but remained part of this community while Sanctuary (the youth group) had been brought back to life thanks to Theo’s contributions from his book.

    Everyone was moving on with their lives, some marrying or considering on leaving for better futures. It also shows not only the changes in the town but how deep roots can be planted and grow around you into a group of close-knit friends.

    Theo and Liddy are good people not just because of their beliefs but because they have good hearts which ultimately shows in this book, time and time again.

    Because this is the second book, I really have had a good chance to see in my mind the whole town which culminates with its Christmas in Shiloh celebrations. This is what I like to call “the joining,” a coming together of the community. Roots have been planted deep for Theo and Liddy and they plan on staying and working in the town, helping others, whether it be Theo writing more articles for the paper or Liddy teaching at the school.

    I am giving the book a 5 star rating . I believe that the author did an amazing job putting this book together, drawing pictures and scenarios to motivate our minds and leaving room in case another book comes along. Going back to Shiloh felt like being home again.

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Testament is another outstanding novel by author T. M. Brown
on February 19, 2018
Testament is another outstanding novel by author T. M. Brown. It’s a page-turning mystery, with plenty of suspense. I have read this author’s previous novel Sanctuary and enjoyed it very much. But I like Testament even more. It has a more in-depth level of mystery and intrigue. Good plot twists that will keep you guessing until the end. The book revolves around people living in Shiloh, a small town in south Georgia. We met these characters in the previous book, although some new characters are also involved. If you enjoy reading mysteries, you will love Testament. A great read.
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