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Writing Randolph Spalding’s Story Began Viewing this Video…

This 10-year-old video by Mattie Gladstone spurred my interests in learning more about Randolph Spalding, which led to my current story, The Last Laird of Sapelo.

My wife and I toured the property with permission from Mattie Gladstone’s surviving son and daughter, who still live there. With a little imagination, one can visualize the original grand farmstead house and outbuildings built by Randolph Spalding when he moved his family off Sapelo Island in 1857. This video is amazing and has over 58,000 views with nearly 900 likes.

We have loads of pictures allowing me to write details of this antebellum home north of Darien, in the area called The Ridge. Enjoy… History is not all black and white. There are many shades of gray we should all take time to understand.

Follow the link above for this heart-warming description of Randolph Spalding’s circa 1857 farmstead home along the tidal marshes above Darien, GA. Why did he give up living in the grand tabby constructed South End Mansion, aptly named “Big House” by his famous father, Thomas Spalding. Both historic homes play integral parts in The Last Laird of Sapelo.

Watch for more historical tidbits that make up my new novel currently being submitted to agents and publishers.

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