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March Roars With News!

March has roared in with an ample amount of rain and wind. But heck, that just means spring is nearly here. Snow-white dogwood blossoms, golden forsythia and yellow daffodils already declare old man winter is moseying northward. My wife and I commented on the bright green pastures while traveling Georgia’s backroads this past weekend. Yep, cardinals, crows, sparrows, and finches await the arrival of bluebirds from their winter homes. Of course, that means pollen will soon fill the air along with the roar of lawn mowers and children returning to the outdoors. The annual good news in March is always about Saint Patrick’s Day! Since my wife and I are headed to Ireland for our 50th Anniversary, this St. Patty’s Day has a special meaning for certain. Erin go bragh (Ireland Forever).

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The pictures from our Savannah adventure depict sights, sounds, smells and tastes we enjoyed talking about my latest novel, The Last Laird of Sapelo. I may be retired, but I ain’t slowing down anytime soon. Meeting Deborah Royce, exNFL great Frank Murphy, and David Baldacci was awesome but the highlights surrounding meeting and greeting so many new fans of historical fiction over the past few weeks made all the travel well worth the long hours racing up and down Georgia and North Florida.

Stay tuned, I’m pretty certain, there’ll be more coming next month for certain.

Just because its winter doesn’t mean readers are not searching new books and wanting to hear new stories to lure them into new books.

So where has Mike been lately and where is he and Connie headed next? Go here for upcoming events.

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More News to Crow About!

So what’s all the hoopla about CIBA’s FINALIST status of The Last Laird of Sapelo? Out of the thousands of submissions, The Last Laird of Sapelo has made it to final cut before the winner is announced! I am thankful and eternally grateful to Koehler Books and my long time editor, Kari Lynn Scare! Read or listen to the announcement to learn more. Its a shame Connie and I will be out of the country when the winner is announced in Bellingham, WA next month.

Chanticleer International Book Awards announcement about the FINALIST list, who are invited to attend the annual author’s conference in Bellingham, WA in April. On the list for the LARAMIE Americana Historical Fiction Award is THE LAST LAIRD OF SAPELO! Listen to the link above for the complete announcement or read it here. Or. click the image below.

Please leave a review for any of the books you have read, each review influences another potential, curious reader.

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Order your copy of The Last Laird of Sapelo today. Find out why it has received the acclaim it has earned for yourself. Since History Matters, this is a must read for history fans. Please take a moment to leave a review.

Visit Mike at the following upcoming events and go the event tab for the entire up to date list of upcoming author events.

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