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Latest Reviews & News About The Last Laird of Sapelo

The book tour for The Last Laird of Sapelo begins in Darien, GA and on Sapelo Island, August 15-17

NEW Review From Dana Ridenour, best-selling author from Beaufort, SC

Five Stars For The Last Laird Of Sapelo! 

T.M. Brown delivers a riveting, beautifully written story of a southern family dealing with the hardships and atrocities during the early part the Civil War. A well-researched work of historical fiction that flawlessly weaves together history and the story of the Spalding family as they fight to protect their land and legacy during this difficult period in American history. A poignant story and a must read for Civil War enthusiasts.

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The Last Laird of Sapelo is a heart-wrenching and beautiful story of a man and his family brought to its knees by the Civil War. Life-changing choices must be made and personal integrity brought to bear during the nineteenth century when the South was swept into a brutal and complicated war. T. M. Brown brings the history of the Spalding family to vivid life with a sure and clear voice, an eye for Southern landscape, and an ear for captivating narrative. Based on a true story, this is historical fiction at its finest.” —Patti Callahan Henry, New York Times Best-Selling Author of The Secret Book of Flora Lea “As

Union forces descend on Georgia’s barrier islands during the opening stages of America’s Civil War, the South’s first casualty is its monetary lifeline — its burgeoning cotton empire, Dixie’s “white gold.” Distinguished author T.M. Brown’s historical novel The Last Laird of Sapelo spares no punches in this riveting, gut-wrenching saga of the minuscule line separating independence and freedom.” —Jedwin Smith, Author of Fatal Treasure and Our Brother’s Keeper

T.M. Brown raises the bar for Civil War-era historical fiction. Using compelling, well-researched details, Brown writes with confidence and lyricism about neglected parts of the conflict and its impact on the coastal islands of Georgia. Civil War fiction fans need to add this novel to their bookshelves today!” —George Weinstein, Award-winning Author of the Hardscrabble Road series, Executive Director, Atlanta Writers Club, Atlanta Writers Conference Director

“This well-researched, engaging historical fiction brings to life a dramatic and little-known story of America’s bloodiest war. The Last Laird of Sapelo illuminates lesser known but crucial events in coastal Georgia and South Carolina through the true story of Colonel Randolph Spalding, a noted Sapelo Island cotton planter…Colonel Spalding’s struggles and sacrifices are vividly depicted as he faces the reality of powerful Union naval forces threatening the coasts of the Carolinas and Georgia, and he is forced to move his family and many slaves inland to safety, ultimately abandoning his beloved island plantation.” —Karen Stokes, Archivist and Author at South Carolina Historical Society

“In The Last Laird of Sapelo, T. M. Brown does a masterful job of telling the historic story of how the Civil War changed forever the Spalding family, their slaves, and the crucial barrier island of Sapelo on which they lived. He shares in detail the bonds between the Spalding family members and their servants without skirting the inhumanity of slavery. The compelling read was extensively researched and provides an interesting account in story form of how the conflict negatively impacted the owners and other inhabitants of Sapelo Island, including Randolph Spalding, who answered the call to defend the cause of the Confederate States even though he didn’t favor Secession. The Last Laird of Sapelo provides an important insight into helping us to understand one of the worst times in the history of our country. ” —Harry J. Deitz Jr., Author of Covey: A Stone’s Throw from a Coal Mine to the Hall of Fame, Our Father’s Journey: A Path Out of Poverty, and Journal of a Caregiver: A Story of Love and Devotion

“I knew nothing of either Randolph Spalding or of Sapelo Island before reading this book. But from the first chapter on, I felt thoroughly immersed in 1860s coastal Georgia as the Spalding family grappled with the challenges of war. Mike Brown’s vivid imagery and his mastery of historical detail deliver a powerful story I am already eager to read a second time.” Lawrence W. Reed, President Emeritus, Humphreys Family Senior Fellow and Ron Manners Global, Ambassador for Liberty

The Last Laird of Sapelo is an impressive achievement that brings great insight to the impact of war on the normally serene and always beautiful Georgia coast. It’s a story that needed to be told, and T. M. Brown has done it in a masterful way.” —John Pruitt, Emmy Award–Winning News Anchor, Author of Tell It True 

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