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Does Sapelo Island’s History Matter?

The future of Sapelo Island and its link to its history, as preserved by the descendants of the enslaved workers, remains uncertain. Irresistible Progress is pounding on the door of Unchangeable mindsets clinging to its inherited heritage. Most of the former Geechee community long ago sold their property to mainlanders and left Sapelo Island. But with their departure went their strong heritage. Time and temptation of reaping profit wear in favor of progress on Sapelo. But will the heritage and history survive when the last of the Geechee descendant residents pass away or sell out? Again, I stand scratching my chin over the silence of the primary owner of Sapelo Island: The State of Georgia. Can the State offer a long-term solution? The value of the land on Sapelo Island and the cost of building on the island is astronomical, much less all the obstacles to all-season living on remote Sapelo. Yet, there are folks willing to invest to do exactly that. Should they be denied? Is there a compromise that recognizes the handful of Geechee residents’ desire to preserve their heritage on the island? What is the long-term vision for Sapelo?

Is history matters, a compromise is called for and the State of Georgia holds the dominant position to offer a solution.

What are your thoughts? I wrote The Last Laird of Sapelo to reveal the background of history about the remote island. With every book talk, I realize the importance, as most folks in Georgia know little or nothing about the island and its history.

Read this article and Goggle to stay informed.

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