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Summer is Calling

Hometown Novel News Podcast – May 2023

Each month I have the high honor of interviewing literary movers and shakers, authors, editors, librarians, publishing agents, news writers, etc. who are bringing attention to Coweta County and the surrounding communities south of Atlanta. The Newnan Podcast Network hosts my monthly broadcasts of Hometown Novel News. This past month the featured guest was Danielle Thorne, nationally published and award-winning author from Sharpsburg, GA. Enjoy the interview as we delve into the writing of historical novels.

Check back each month and discover other literary movers and shakers south of Atlanta.

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Historical Fiction Fans Will Love This Story

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Why? Try this new review from Becky Condon…

Book Report: “Sanctuary” by T. M. Brown by Beck Condon, May 27, 2023
I met this author at a local author event at my local independent bookstore, and have followed this busy writer ever since. I had a copy of his first book, but had not read it yet. My stack constantly ebbs and flows, and changes its order to suit my whim of the moment. Recently, this writer posted and sent in his author email that he was celebrating his five year anniversary of his first novel, which grew up into a trilogy. Five years! Wait just a minute – he had his first book out around the same time I had my first book out. I was celebrating my fifth anniversary as well. Time flies when you’re having fun, gets smashed to heavily unimportant in retirement, and disappears altogether when you have stories spinning around in your head that need to get written down. Put a book club addiction on top of that and my to-be-read stack stays in a continuous state of disarray. 
Happily, I have finally finished the first book of T.M. Brown’s trilogy. I have the second and third in my stack which I will get to in time. I loved this sweet, heart-warming story. 
A retired couple with kids grown and gone and several grandkids, sell out their in-town place to resettle in a small town further south. Reading his “About the Author” I wondered how much of this story is autobiographical. Everyone in the story was immediately lovable except for maybe one character. You get an idea early on whodunnit, but the why and how is only revealed at the end. It’s a very happy ending, calling out a tear or two of contentment when it all comes so nicely together. I think this would make a great book club book for those clubs that try to pick a Christmas selection for December. This one would be a great hit. 
The settings are realistic and picturesque, making me wonder if all small southern towns evolve the same way. 
I highly recommend this story for a feel-good read. I look forward to the further adventures of Theo and Liddy as I get to the rest of the trilogy in my forever messy stack. This first in the trilogy would stand alone. Get it, take it to the beach, or save it for a Christmas read. 


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