2021 Kicks Off HNN Writers

Are you a writer who aspires to collaborate with other writers to improve your writing? Writers write in isolation but writers need not be isolated from opinions and advice along the arduous task of writing your story to reach your desired audience. January 21st at 6:30 PM will be the first of four quarterly workshops […]

Shiloh Mystery Series Overview & Purgatory Book Launch Update by T. M. Brown

Please visit my Facebook Author Page @TMBrownAuthor for the up-to-date latest about my coming book tour and many of the independent book retail locations where you can purchase any of the Shiloh Mystery Books. I will be updating my webpage with additional information that you might enjoy, i.e. character lists for each story and recent […]

HNN Schedule of Events through 2020

Hometown Novel Nights Schedule and List of Participating Authors October 27 Monarch House Angie Gallion, Scott Ludwig November 12 WQEE Radio Show Angie Gallion November 21 Rogers BBQ Hogansville Edwina Cowgil, Tim Miller, Laura Johnson November 24 Monarch House Chellie W. Phillis, Toby Nix December 10 WQEE Radio Show Scott Ludwig December 12 Carnegie Newnan […]

The Upside and Risk of POD Book Production

How you plan to promote and bring your book to market is paramount to your book’s ultimate success. What may appear upfront as profitable may more than likely prove very costly?

Hometown Novel Nights – WQEE Radio Show, Sept. 10th 9:30 AM

HNN/WQEE Radio Show, September 10th – Special Guest: Toni Striblin, Co-Owner of Rogers BBQ, Hogansville, GA (Tap the image above to get the actual audio of the radio show – 15 minutes.) Script used for the Radio Show (August 6, 2019) Ryan introduction: (use the below as a guideline for your opening comments and introduction) […]