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Shiloh Mystery Stories, A Legacy of Love

Five reasons I chose to begin writing novels with a message


Natalie, aka Sissy, reveals God’s gift that is taking her on her own journey apart from her brothers as she approaches her teen years. Of course, I may be a bit prejudiced! What do you think?

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The legacy of love that inspired me to write the stories about Theo and Liddy Phillips and all the others colorful characters in my Shiloh mystery novels is no real secret. My five grandkids appear in the story as Theo and Liddy’s grandkids. Each of my real grandkids (Brannon, Dillon, Noah, Natalie, and Eli) know who their characters are (Eddie or Bubba, Conrad, Teddy, Sissy, and Buzz). As the storyline progresses throughout the series and they grew older in real life, I transported their memorable traits into their characters. Writing with youngsters in the series of stories requires keeping up with their rapid growth spurts and blossoming personalities as they mature. In book three: Purgatory, A Progeny’s Quest, Bubba and Teddy are sprouted into wide-eyed, hormone-driven fourteen-year-olds. They have been invited to spend the summer with Theo and Liddy. Teddy’s sister Sissy, now twelve is discovering her own identity apart from her brothers. Sissy, accompanied by Stacey her mom, has been invited to participate in a summer-long youth choir tour. Tommy and Buzz have decided to join Junior and his wife, Kari at their cabin in North Alabama. Buzz and Conrad, now rambunctious six-year-olds spend the summer together exploring and fishing without older siblings bossing them around. However, in book three the focus is on Bubba and Teddy and their summer of misadventures in Shiloh. What could possibly go awry as they find other teens in town to hang with? What tales might they share when the whole family finally comes together at the end of the summer?

Will there be another Shiloh series book four? I don’t know yet. However, whether there is more or not, someday the hope and dream that inspired me to invest all the time, money and energy into writing these stories simply is this: Long after I have departed this world,  I pray copies of my books will remain on the bookshelves in my grandchildren’s own homes so they might sit down with their own children and talk about how their “Poppy” wrote about them in his stories. Then hopefully they will pass on the messages of faith, family, friendship, redemption, and love rooted in each story.

What will your legacy be for your grandchildren? Will its value be calculated by the worth of things and treasures of this world, or will it offer an incalculable inspiration and direction to the next generations in your family?

T. M. Brown, aka “Poppy”

Like all grandkids, our five continue to grow and mature at a lightning pace.

Wonder what book three will look like?
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