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Trip to Thomasville Georgia

T. M. Browns’ trip to


Recently, following a book event at The Bookshelf in historic Downtown Thomasville, Georgia I visited Thomasville History Center and discovered a treasure trove of items in their museum collection regarding Thomas County’s militia units that served in the 29th Georgia Infantry Regiment depicted in The Last Laird of Sapelo. If you have read the story, many of these will be familiar, but to those still to read the historical novel, they will help you as you read the book as well.

History Matters!

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Battle Flag of the 29th Georgia Infantry Regiment, likely flown at Camp Spalding on Sapelo from fall of 1861 to early 1862.
29th Georgia Infantry Battle Flag
Ochlocknee Light Infantry Flag

Captain William Young rose to be Colonel Young after Randolph Spalding resigned as Regimental Commander of the 29th Georgia Infantry in December 1861. He rose to Regimental Commander when elected in January 1862 after militia companies from the 29th Regiment vacated Sapelo and Darien and reported to Savannah in early 1862.

29th Georgia Infantry rally song
Thomasville Guard Flag
Thomasville History Center
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