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The Last Laird of Sapelo —Preorder

August 2020 Connie and I traveled to Darien, Georgia in search of a new setting for my Shiloh characters but fate and my passion for history led me into a whole new story. After a guided tour on Sapelo Island, Georgia by a Geechee descendant, the owners of Open Gates B&B in historic Darien, GA handed me a copy of Buddy Sullivan’s History of the Georgia Tidewater—hours later after scouring through its pages I unearthed the story of the Spalding legacy on Sapelo. From their century-long legacy on Sapelo and in Darien, The Last Laird of Sapelo came into being.

Pictured is the library in the Open Gates B&B house. Watch for more about the historical characters and settings and events depicted in The Last Laird of Sapelo in the weeks leading up to the novel’s release August 15th in the same library where it all began. Preorder your copy today at

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Now Preorder The Last Laird of Sapelo Today!

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WHY? Read what Helen Stine wrote about the story


I absolutely loved your book. It fulfills all that I need as a lover of historical fiction. Bravo to you!! Thank you for inviting me to read and review this wonderful book.

All the best, my friend! See you soon. 

T.M. Brown’s The Last Laird of Sapelo takes us on an unforgettable journey, one marked with uncertainty, turmoil and tragedy, and fierce, unyielding loyalty. We travel with hope and caution along the barrier islands of Georgia through a brief, but maybe somewhat forgotten, period of the Civil War. The result is a brilliant fusion of history and fiction. As a gifted researcher and storyteller, Brown delivers an experience. Lifting the curtain on the daily lives of Randolph Spaulding and his family and Sapelo workers, he invites us into their intimate conversations, revealing their doubts and thoughts and dreams. Ultimately, we are moved and inspired by both fear and bravery. The Last Laird of Sapelo comes alive through the rich details of true events and a well-developed cast of characters. Even Brown’s beloved Sapelo Island is a character, teaching us about her history and the people who love and protect her. There is so much to learn from this journey, and all its lessons are embedded in the pages of this book. As soon as you meet Colonel Randolph Spaulding, you will understand.

Helen Stine, Author of The Truthful Story

RELEASE DATE, AUGUST 15! Watch for the full calendar of book events and author appearances.

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