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Community Bookstore or Internet Convenience

Community versus Convenience

Which sways your book purchasing? Your sense of community or does the convenience of online ordering and delivery to your door carry that much weight that you only visit the local bookstore when you happen to be in the vicinity and want to kill a little time snooping?

In today’s tsunami of newly published books, for better or worse, how do you determine what is really worth investing your money and time? The incalculable number of titles on Amazon is beyond comprehension. Are you ever swayed by their promotional blurbs about “books you might like” or “these titles are the latest and best”?

The irreplaceable atmosphere and feel of books cannot be replicated with the convenience of the internet.

Or, are you the discriminating reader who enjoys wandering into the local bookstore in search of the next best books to add to your stack of “to-be-read” titles? Do you enjoy spotting the highlighted books on the tables as you walk into the store or the end of rack displays? Do you enjoy touching and then scanning the publisher’s well-chosen words about what’s between the front and back covers? Are you a fan of book clubs and author discussions at the bookstore? Do you enjoy looking for that next new book and nascent voice that will attract you long before either makes some best-seller list?

Is your love for books worth investing in your community’s local bookstore?

What is the name of your go-to bookstore?

What makes your local bookstore so special?

What kind of author engagement do you enjoy the most? An author book-signing, a book reading, a book discussion, or a panel discussion? None of the above?

Do you have a favorite author that you enjoy reading and purchase his or her books on a regular basis?

What are your thoughts on audio books? Do you like a single narrator or multiple character voices?

Thank you for sharing this survey. And one final question: Do you value community or convenience more? Why?

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I hope you’ll be ready and have read Sanctuary, A Legacy of Memories and the sequel, Testament, An Unexpected Return. Theo and Liddy Phillips and all their memorable Shiloh friends and neighbors would love to greet you and share their award-winning misadventures. Visit your local bookstore and ask for your copy.

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