Purgatory Pursues Sanctuary’s Award-Winning Notoriety


Although Purgatory, A Progeny’s Quest launched May 26, 2020, we can all agree COVID stole the past year for all of us, including the huge book launch that had been scheduled with book festival and bookstore signings on the calendar that went up in flames last summer. HOWEVER, Purgatory refuses to remain condemned in purgatory. Book festivals and bookstore signings are returning to my calendar going deep into the upcoming months. Follow my Facebook Author Page for daily updates on my activities and upcoming events, but you also can subscribe to receive the latest from postings and events on this page too.

Great News about Purgatory!

First of all, thanks to Purgatory, in addition to placing as runner-up to the 2019 Southeastern Writers Association Hal Barnard Memorial Award for the best-unpublished novel, Theo & Liddy and the whole cast of the Shiloh community are up for the Reader’s Choice Award and has been designated Finalist in Best Suspense for Killer Nashville’s Silver Falchion Award–the winner will be announced August 21st in Nashville at their annual awards banquet.

You cannot influence the outcome of the Silver Falchion Award results, BUT you still can cast your vote for Purgatory by T. M. Brown in this year’s READER’S CHOICE AWARD. Follow the links, all the characters in Shiloh will cheer as you cast your votes for them. Voting ends August 15th, so please keep voting!

You can still cast your Reader’s Choice Votes until August 15th

So what’s all the big fuss about Killer Nashville and its Silver Falchion and Readers’ Choice Awards?

Voted as “One of the Best Writing Conferences in the USA”Killer Nashville is now the premier forum for all genres incorporating mystery, thriller, or suspense elements.

What story is next up for T. M. Brown–How about a historical fiction story based in 1861-1862 McIntosh County, Georgia?

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Purgatory, A Progeny’s Quest is up for the Killer Nashville “Readers’ Choice Award”

Will you take a moment to cast your votes?

Purgatory, A Progeny’s Quest is up for your Reader’s Choice Award at Killer Nashville’s 2021 Conference.

Would you kindly look at the list and cast your votes for your favorite mystery/suspense/thriller novels. You can vote for five favorites.

I am just honored to make the list.

Click the image to cast your votes for the KN Readers’ Choice Awards

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