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Shiloh Mystery Series now includes award-winning Purgatory, A Progeny’s Quest (May 2020) – check below.

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Sanctuary, A Legacy of Memories
April 2020, republished by Heartstone Press (Southern Fried Karma LLC) – see purchase information and links below.

Sanctuary – A Legacy of Memories by T.M. Brown

Sanctuary – A Legacy of Memories introduces a newly retired publishing executive, Theo Phillips, and his wife, Liddy, to the time-lost South Georgia town of Shiloh. They leave the shadows of Atlanta and move into a quaint home of notoriety. While making new friends, they discover twenty-first-century challenges that threaten the town’s laid-back lifestyle. Theo’s interest in a memorial launches him into investigating tragic events that have left Shiloh unsettled. Theo and Liddy’s retirement dreams take a turn that could unravel both them and the idyllic life they and many others look for in Shiloh.

Retail Price $18.95 

Sanctuary Kindle Edition only $2.99 each

Testament – An Unexpected Return by T.M. Brown

In this sequel to Sanctuary, A Legacy of Memories, Theo and Liddy Phillips are finally sinking deep roots into their new hometown of Shiloh. Friendships are blossoming as Liddy ponders an offer to become the new art teacher at Shiloh High while Theo sends off his manuscript for Jessie’s Story to be published. Life appears to be settling down, but ominous shadows from the town’s past herald more tragedy lie ahead in little old Shiloh.

“The testament of a man lies not in the magnitude of possessions and property left to his heirs, but the reach of his legacy long after his death.” Theo Phillips

Retail Price $18.95

Testament Kindle edition, only $2.99 ea.

Purgatory – A Progeny’s Quest by T. M. Brown

Third & Final Novel in the Shiloh Mystery Series. May 26, 2020 Release by Heathstone Press/Southern Fried Karma LLC

Purgatory, – A Progeny’s Quest by T. M. Brown

WHEN THEO AND LIDDY retired to the small Georgia town of Shiloh, they expected a quieter life, but then Theo became the investigative reporter for the local Sentinel and discovered that small towns can be just as dangerous as big cities for people devoted to seeking the truth. Having narrowly escaped a brush with death, in Purgatory Theo tackles what he hopes will be an easier investigation: helping the orphaned Pepper trace her murderous mother’s past. But when an armored limousine purchased by Theo’s friend and neighbor Zeb brings another spate of shady characters to Shiloh, Theo finds himself in the middle of another high-pressure plot, building to an explosive conclusion at the town’s Independence Day celebrations.

“Downhome country fun at its finest. . . .  Here’s a story that will keep you reading throughout the wee hours.”

—JEDWIN SMITH, author of I AM ISRAEL, Our Brother’s Keeper, and Fatal Treasure

“T. M. Brown’s characters are rich, the story is compelling . . . the language is clever and poetic. . . . It is an extraordinary tale written by an exceptional author. I will read this book again.”

—RAYMOND L. ATKINS, author of Set List, Sweetwater Blues, and Camp Redemption

Retail Price $18.95

Kindle Price $2.99

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