Change: The One Constant in Publishing Today

At the conclusion of my comments is an engaging article about the state of the publishing world for authors. 

Warning: No one article offers the latest tell-all secrets of success for any particular author.

The one caution I would offer as you read this article or any other like it — Judge carefully the advice and statistics of any article that tries to foretell the future of the publishing business.

My Ponderings on the Subject of Changes in the Publishing World

Traditionally published and self-published authors who offer stories about their book publishing experience from even as recent as two years ago struggle to grasp the rapid changes that have occurred in the most recent months. Not only has POD “Print-on-Demand” book printing drastically improved and become more accepted, who would have predicted the loss of Baker and Taylor’s book distribution services? What about major brick and mortar store closings? Who would have predicted Lifeway would close all its stores? What about the recent purchase of “Barnes and Nobles”? What changes are coming for their 600+ stores across the country, not to mention their online ventures? What about Amazon’s consolidation of Create Space with KDP and their new ACX audible book services? How about Ingram Spark and the growing sea of other new smaller publishers – traditional and hybrid? Who could have predicted these ground-shaking events that are reshaping the publishing world?

Well, here’s my assessment:

Good news: There has never been a better time to publish a book. 

Bad news: There has never been a better time to publish a book.

The one constant and unpredictable variable every author must consider – CHANGE requires forward thinking. Authors today must acquire a keen awareness of what changes will be likely shaping the publishing world by the time one’s book comes out. 

What do you think the future holds? 2020 is still five months away.

T. M. Brown

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Leave a comment as to what changes you see coming in the next few months.

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