It has been five years since Theo and Liddy arrived in Shiloh and experienced their first Christmas in Shiloh. To celebrate the anniversary they want you to enjoy their first story for free on KINDLE—that’s right FREE! For the next five days Sanctuary, A Legacy of Memories will be available to download for FREE (December 15-19). Simply click the image below…

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Enjoy reading about Theo and Liddy’s first weeks in Shiloh and how Theo’s fresh eyes and ears coupled with his unbridled curiosity discovered dark secrets and scandal that lingered unresolved following a tragic courthouse fire.

Besides capturing the pace and feel of a small Southern town perfectly, Brown peoples it with well-developed characters. Readers will look forward to Theo’s further adventures. — BookLife, Publisher’s Weekly

Enjoy this small holiday scene from Sanctuary, A Legacy of Memories as a holiday treat. Amidst the chaos, Christmas memories always make life a bit better.

Theo and Liddy invite you to follow their further exploits as Shiloh’s newest residents by reading all three novels in the series. Who knows, maybe there’ll be a number four in the future too.

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