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on February 19, 2018

Brew up a pitcher of sweet tea and settle into your most comfortable chair. You won’t want to put this book down as T. M. “Mike” Brown takes us back to Shiloh for more southern hospitality with Liddy and Theo Phillips.

I was immediately pulled into the town’s daily routine, via its established churches, the hardware, the smokehouse diner, to be reacquainted with residents introduced last year in Sanctuary. The town’s enthusiasm has grown exponentially with the rebuilding of its youth center and the new family park soon to be dedicated. High school football brings most of the town out and darker days of the past seem to be on the run. But with the advent of an odd floorboard in the Phillips house and what’s found underneath, you perceive there’s more to this story than grits and barbeque.

A previous resident returns to one of Shiloh’s most prominent families and apprehension builds as the usually unflappable Theo tells Liddy “…hope my gut’s wrong, but I sense she’s up to something.” The storm rises and there are more wrinkles to Shiloh’s story than linen pants on a hot southern day as Theo is thrust into the breach as peacekeeper.

This second rendering for T.M. Brown did not disappoint and kept me reading until I finished in one sitting.

I received an advance copy in return for an objective review. Thanks, Coach Brown. – Linda J Pifer

Testament is another outstanding novel by author T. M. Brown
on February 19, 2018
Testament is another outstanding novel by author T. M. Brown. It’s a page-turning mystery, with plenty of suspense. I have read this author’s previous novel Sanctuary and enjoyed it very much. But I like Testament even more. It has a more in-depth level of mystery and intrigue. Good plot twists that will keep you guessing until the end. The book revolves around people living in Shiloh, a small town in south Georgia. We met these characters in the previous book, although some new characters are also involved. If you enjoy reading mysteries, you will love Testament. A great read.